I'm a campaign photographer working alongside global lifestyle brands.

I love to capture candid moments that are raw & authentic, when athletes, models & celebrities become real people.
The frame within the frames.

If you have an upcoming project & think I'd be a great fit please get in touch!



Tessa Wood
Head of Production 
Untold Studios

Matt is a joy to work with. Fantastic with celeb talent, brand clients and agencies. His work is brilliant and all involved feel incredibly happy with the results!

Ben Pritchard
Creative Director

Matt is always an absolute pro. Loads of ideas & talent & gets you great pictures. A go to for sports & product photography.

Matti Page
Head of Production

Worked with Matt a few times now and he never misses a beat! Great at capturing honest and natural reactions from celebrities, Matt’s personality really draws it out of them. Anyone looking for an all encompassing photographer who can shoot campaigns from product to personality I’d recommend Matt.

Robin Porter
Creative Director
A Proper Agency

Matt is one of the most talented, versatile & charismatic photographers I've hired for @aproperagency. He shot our year long 'Live YOUR Moment' campaign for Jacamo & seasonal campaigns for the 'Flintoff by Jacamo' collection - over delivering on both. He entertained us with his unique brand of professionalism and personality that clients (& agencies) love, & his unrivalled work ethic makes him a vital and trustworthy asset to have on your team.

Sarah Fulford-Williams
Our Own Brand

We've worked with Matt for the past year & a half on a number of shoots for a variety of clients. He brings enthusiasm, passion and positivity to every project, & the results speak for themselves!

Andrew Kidger
Director of Production 

Matthew is a very passionate, dedicated and fun guy to work with. He loves his job and throws himself into every situation and opportunity. He takes direction and suggestions well but is comfortable leading any shoot with his creative and professional eye. He works very well with other members of the crew as well as getting on with his subjects and clients. I'd highly recommend working with him.

James Copson

Matt's a pleasure to work with and has a consistent and strong portfolio. We worked together on a campaign for Mental Health Motorbike a support charity for the biker community.
Highly recommended photographer!

Review coming soon!

Review coming soon!




I was introduced into photography at an early age as my dad always worked in the photographic industry. His work took us over to Abidjan, Ivory Coast where we lived for several years - this was such an incredible experience that helped shape my love for travel & its connection with photography. 

When we returned to the UK he ran a photo processing business in Stockport, here I would spend hours in the dark-room learning about developing & printing as I was literally surrounded by rolls of film, manual cameras & the smell of developing chemicals. 

My early influences came from the many poster catalogues & coffee table books dotted around our studio space. We sold poster prints by all the great photographers & I was obsessed with the work of Cartier-Bresson, Avedon, Bob Carlos Clark, Wily Ronis, Doisneau, Terry O'Neill & Herb Ritts.

I spent 8 years working as a staff photographer with North West based lifestyle magazine LivingEDGE where I covered everything from shooting portraits, interiors, food, celebrities & events. It was an amazing experience with a great team & an editor who allowed me the freedom to develop my own style. Being able to turn a hobby into a career is something I will be forever grateful for. 

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